Healthy Mates Health & Conditioning Complex 

Physiotherapy | Exercise Physiology | Rehabilitation | Recovery 

Located in the heart of Bendigo, Healthy Mates Health & Conditioning Complex offers a range of rehabilitation and recovery facilities.

Why choose our services?

Our clinic encompasses a diverse and dynamic team of health professionals, specialising in physiotherapy, exercise physiology and allied health. Our team will efficiently and thoroughly assess and treat your symptoms. We also place an emphasis on educating and conditioning our clients, to prevent further injuries from occurring.

Our expert team is complimented by our state of the art facilities, which include private consultation rooms, a large indoor hydrotherapy pool, a spa, a cold pool and a sauna. This allows our team to provide a variety of treatment techniques, tailored to suit your health needs.

Leading the way in injury rehabilitation.

As a highly-reputable physiotherapy and exercise physiology center in Bendigo, our clinic boasts state of the art equipment and innovative facilities suitable for all injury rehabilitation needs. Our team understands the importance of maintaining health, fitness and physical function while suffering from an injury or health condition. Our clinic offers clients a more realistic way to keep physically active during these periods.

How can Hydrotherapy assist in my rehabilitation?

Our hydrotherapy pool is precisely maintained between 34-35 degrees. The warmth of the water aids in muscle relaxation, while the buoyancy of water reduces the amount of weight-bearing through muscles and joints. Overall, this provides a more comfortable environment for our clients to rehabilitate from injury, or for ongoing management of a health condition.

Our Mission and Vision:

Our mission is to help you make the positive changes required to improve and maintain your health & well-being.  We aim to keep you on the right track by involving you in the management of your condition, tailoring our treatment for each client, and placing a high emphasis on education, exercise and self-management strategies.

Our vision is to change the face of rural health in the Mallee and in Central Victoria, reducing preventable health conditions through the provision of professional health services.