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Bendigo Healthy Mates Physiotherapy Services and Hydro Team
Strength & Conditioning

Highly Qualified Physiotherapists

Providing physio services to Bendigo and its surrounds. Our team of highly qualified physiotherapists provide unlimited services. Our physio’s use the best evidence-based techniques to assess your symptoms and treat the underlying cause. After providing an efficient and accurate diagnosis, our physiotherapists will provide services they are tailored treatment programs using advanced treatment strategies, including:

  • Manual therapy techniques, such as deep tissue Massage and Dry Needling.
  • Joint mobilisation and manipulations.
  • Taping strategies to reduce injury, stabilise joints and improve movement.
  • Supervised and Home Exercise Programs to ensure a successful recovery and future prevention.
  • Education to help manage your symptoms and prevent future aggravation.

Overall, the treatment we provide will repair tissue damage, reduce stiffness and pain, increase mobility and improve quality of life.

Team of Allied Health Assistants

Healthy Mates Health & Conditioning Complex boasts a team of highly motivated and knowledgeable Allied Health assistants. Our Allied Health team provides constant supervision to our patrons to consistently provide the highest quality of care. Our team is here to help you to complete your exercise and hydrotherapy programs, provide feedback, encouragement, and to deliver fun and interactive exercise groups.

Strength and Conditioning for Full Recovery

Our facility has a large gym space with a range of equipment, including cardio machines, squat racks, and free weights. Our clients can use this equipment for both rehabilitation, and for strength and conditioning programs. This allows us to provide a full recovery service from injury/illness, with our staff able to rehabilitate, recover and then re-strengthen you to reduce the risk of re-aggravation or re-occurrence.


Hydrotherapy Pool
Healthy Mates Hydrotherapy Pool

Hydrotherapy Pool

Our facility has a large hydrotherapy pool that is maintained at 34 degrees Celsius. This provides an ideal environment to perform graded exercise programs tailored by our physiotherapist. There are many therapeutic benefits of hydrotherapy due to the properties of water, such as:

  • Warmth: The warmth of the water can increase muscle relaxation, relieve joint stiffness, reduce muscle spasms and increase circulation.
  • Buoyancy: The buoyancy of water counters the effect of gravity, allowing a graded return to the amount of weight-bearing placed on muscles and joints following injury/surgery/illness.
  • The gentle resistance of the water can improve muscle strength, tone, and endurance, as well as balance and core strength.
  • Hydrostatic pressure: The increase in pressure against the fluid in the body can reduce swelling around joints and in the lower limbs.

Collectively, these properties of hydrotherapy can provide great benefits to a variety of common conditions, including Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Pre and post joint replacement surgery, Sporting injuries, Back pain, Neurological conditions such as multiple sclerosis & Parkinson’s diseases.

Clinical Exercise

Reformer & floor-based clinical exercise in consulted by Physiotherapist Casey. This is a clinical reformer and floor-based program that offers safe, low-impact exercise, tailored to all levels of fitness. Clinical exercise can help to prevent or rehabilitate from injury, and perfectly compliments other forms of exercise. This can be delivered in a one on one consultation or through a group program.

Recovery and Contrast Therapy

Our state-of-the-art facility includes a spa (38 degrees), a cold pool (12 degrees), and a sauna. These facilities can be used to perform “contrast therapy” – the process of cycling between warm and cold water immersion. Contrast therapy increases the efficiency of the body’s natural recovery processes, helping to remove the by-products produced by high-intensity exercise. Many elite sporting groups use contrast therapy to recover from the rigorous demands of their sport due to these benefits.

Recovery Contrast Therapy

Relaxation: Spa, Cold Pool, Sauna

The heated hydrotherapy pool, spa, and sauna compliments all of our services we provide and promote relaxation by heating the body’s tissues, enhancing circulation and improving the mobility of muscles and joints. Enhancing circulation can improve function, by increasing the delivery of nutrients to all the systems of the body.

Completing gentle, a water-based exercise in our warm pools can also lead to the release of endorphins, the relaxing hormones of the body. The general buoyancy and subtle movement of the water in our pools can help you experience this calming effect.

And surprisingly, if you’re game, a short dip in our cold pool can also have a rejuvenating effect to those feeling stressed and run down, ultimately leading to relaxation.

Healthy Mates High Performance & Physiotherapy

A Physical Conditioning Program designed to elevate your performance.


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Healthy Mates Physiotherapy & High Performance Development Program

Physical Conditioning Programs designed to elevate your performance


Delivering prescribed Strength and Conditioning programs, developed by our experienced Physical Performance team.



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