High Performance

Healthy Mates High Performance brings you a Physical Conditioning Program to elevate performance. Delivering prescribed Strength and Conditioning programs, developed by our Physical Performance and Physiotherapy Team.

Healthy Mates High Performance Centre – Bendigo Stadium

Strength & Conditioning Training is a modality of physical development that benefits all ages and all sporting outcomes.

No athlete ever got worse through being stronger!

We assess and test individuals’ strengths and deficiencies, prescribe interventions and ultimately build better bodies.

Our team uses Human Measurement Technologies, VALD performance, to accurately assess athletes. The combination of professionally developed programs and precision testing can produce significant results in short time frames. Our programs allow individuals to address their body composition, adding lean muscle tissue to their frames and making existing muscle mass more functional.

“If you can measure it, you can improve it” VALD Performance.

The VALD Performance systems provide fast and intuitive data collections, delivering accurate, reliable, and validated tests in real time.

Our strength and conditioning programs develop mentally tougher athletes. Training their bodies to be stronger, fitter and faster will provide them with additional confidence to execute their skills on the sporting field.

Games lost through injury is a key statistic in sport and therefore injury prevention is a key element in optimising individual and team performance. Stronger athletes are more resilient to the rigours of competitions, can train harder, are injured less and recover faster.


Your Physical Conditioning Program is individualised. Commencing with an initial screening, assessment, and induction completed over a 2 hour introductory session with your strength coach.

You will then commence your exclusive strength and conditioning sessions twice weekly over a 10 week period.

On completion of this module, you will perform an exit screen to allow us to utilise comparative data to demonstrate the benefits of participation in the program.

Casual Strength & Conditioning is available please register your interest for more information.

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All programs will be available to individuals and groups and can be arranged by appointment.

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Healthy Mates High Performance & Physiotherapy

A Physical Conditioning Program designed to elevate your performance.


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Healthy Mates Physiotherapy & High Performance Development Program

Physical Conditioning Programs designed to elevate your performance


Delivering prescribed Strength and Conditioning programs, developed by our experienced Physical Performance team.



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