Top causes of shoulder pain | Lucas Hoare

The joints in our shoulders are the most mobile in the body and therefore require a certain amount of strength, mobility, and control for us to use in our recreation, sports and daily life.

The shoulder’s flexibility can make it prone to injury which means many people will experience shoulder pain throughout their life. Below we’ll break down the common causes of shoulder pain and how to prevent and manage it.  

Repetitive use

If someone has a repetitive use injury, then muscles, tendons and joints are the most common causes, and it is likely a combination of all these structures being involved.

For many of us, modifying what we do, lowering our repetitive use in the short term and gradually building up our workloads is enough for us to get back to normal.

Physiotherapy can assess these structures collectively to determine a safe and appropriate return to loading.

A bump or knock

If someone sustains a heavy knock or bump there may be injury to muscles, tendons, joints, or bones. These injuries may settle over a matter of seconds or minutes, while other injuries may not heal without appropriate assessment, diagnosis, and treatment.

Any injury should be assessed thoroughly by a physiotherapist who will then prescribe treatment based on their findings.

Appearing out of the blue with no known cause

Some of the most important shoulder pains to assess are those that start for no known reason. They may settle quickly and be quite minor, however combined with other symptoms could suggest more serious causes for concern and may ultimately require further testing.

Important to remember

Every case is unique, so make sure you seek professional and personalised advice. It is important to know that for many shoulder problems, imaging on its own can be a poor predictor of shoulder pain, particularly for gradual onset pain and for those in an elderly population.

If you have any concerns regarding your shoulder pain or would like to improve the function in your shoulders for whatever goals you have, book an appointment today with our great team.

Lucas Hoare, Physiotherapist
Mallee Physio, Swan Hill and Kerang