Hydrotherapy Pool

Our facility has a large hydrotherapy pool that is maintained at 34 degrees Celsius. This provides an ideal environment to perform graded exercise programs tailored by our physiotherapist. There are many therapeutic benefits of hydrotherapy due to the properties of water, such as:

  • Warmth: The warmth of the water can increase muscle relaxation, relieve joint stiffness, reduce muscle spasms and increase circulation.
  • Buoyancy: The buoyancy of water counters the effect of gravity, allowing a graded return to the amount of weight-bearing placed on muscles and joints following injury/surgery/illness.
  • The gentle resistance of the water can improve muscle strength, tone, and endurance, as well as balance and core strength.
  • Hydrostatic pressure: The increase in pressure against the fluid in the body can reduce swelling around joints and in the lower limbs.

Collectively, these properties of hydrotherapy can provide great benefits to a variety of common conditions, including Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Pre and post joint replacement surgery, Sporting injuries, Back pain, Neurological conditions such as multiple sclerosis & Parkinson’s diseases.


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