Reformer-Based Clinical Exercise – A Physio’s Tool for Soft Tissue Injury

Clinical Exercise

Clinical Exercise as Injury Prevention and Management

Clinical Exercise – previously known as Clinical Pilates is a holistic approach to the management and prevention of soft tissue injuries. Mallee Physio, Swan Hill and Healthy Mates, Bendigo are proud to offer Clinical Exercise services with Physiotherapist’s Ebony and Casey.

What is Reformer-Based Clinical Exercise?

Delivered by a trained Physiotherapist in both individual and group-based settings. The program utilises a mixture of contemporary physiotherapy principles with classic Pilates exercises and equipment. Sessions emphasise motor control, movement efficiency, joint range of motion and strength.

Who Can Benefit from Clinical Exercise?

This is a modality which can be adapted to people of all ages and fitness levels. Often utilised in the management of persistent musculoskeletal pain but has also been implemented by professional sports stars, including Nathan Fyfe and Lebron James. Each program is tailored to the needs of the individual and can be adapted to ensure that each participant is sufficiently challenged at every session.

Why Should I Get Involved?

“One on one…Two hours a week, every week since November last year (I worked with her) and I got through the year with no soft tissue injuries – Nathan Fyfe (via FoxFooty) “

Clinical Exercise

This offers a fun and challenging alternative to conventional performance, injury prevention and management programs. Emphasis on motor control, movement quality/efficiency and whole-body strength will not only assist in injury management but aid in achieving a level of performance which you may previously have believed impossible!

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