Programs & Classes

Healthy Mates HIIT Class

A 30-minute High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) session that provides similar benefits to a lengthy endurance workout – followed by recovery in our spa and cold pool. Tailored for all ages, genders, weight or fitness levels.



Our state-of the art facility also includes a spa (38 degrees), cold pool (12 degrees), and a sauna. These facilities can be used to perform “contrast therapy” – the process of cycling between warm and cold water immersion to increase the efficiency of the body’s natural recovery process.

Many elite sporting teams and athletes use contrast therapy to recover from the vigorous demands of their training  competition.


A floor-based Pilates class that offers safe, low-impact exercise, tailored to all levels of fitness. Pilates can help to prevent or rehabilitate from injury, and perfectly compliments other forms of exercise.

Pre and Post Natal Hydrotherapy Classes

A safe and relaxing way to stay active during or after pregnancy. These exercise classes aim to maintain fitness, strengthen pelvic floor & abdominal muscles, & provide relief from lower back, hip & foot pain.

Please note that participation in our Pre-Natal class requires clearance from your GP or obstetrician.

Water Aerobics Classes

A combination of low impact aerobic & resistance exercises to help lose weight, improve strength, flexibility, and balance. Suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

Bookings are required for all classes. Please contact us for class times and bookings.