Overuse injuries in running

By Ebony, Healthy Mates Physiotherapist The combination of restrictions to fitness facilities, great weather for exercise and the motivation of a new year is the perfect scenario for an overuse injury to occur. The excitement of being out and about and the motivation to move more can overdo the amount of exercise that your body […]

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Healthy Mates High Performance

For many years as a regional physiotherapist I have seen a shortfall in high performance training and development for regional athletes. These services have always been easily accessible to our metropolitan athletes, but not for regional athletes who have had to commit enormous time, travel and expense to have any opportunity of achieving the highest […]

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Sore Neck Working from Home | Physio Jake Pallpratt

home office

Do you have a sore neck working from home? During the current climate in which we find ourselves living and working the chances of having pain and stiffness within your neck may be increased. Many of us now spend the day sitting at a make shift desk where the set up may not be as […]

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Netball Knee Provider in Bendigo|Casey Livingston, Physiotherapist

Did you know Healthy Mates have an endorsed Netball Knee Provider in Bendigo? Netball Knee Provider in Bendigo, Casey Livingston Physiotherapist. Over the three practices we have a number of physiotherapists who are nationally endorsed providers of Netball Australia’s KNEE program and can help you and your team implement the program. With preseason just around […]

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RECOVERY + PAIN + SLEEP| Myotherapist Sammy

Sleep and the direct relationship with pain and recovery. The effect sleep has on your rate of recovery post injury. Sleep is one of the most underrated factors associated with muscle healing and pain sensitivity. According to the sleep health foundation the average adult requires 7 to 9 hours of quality sleep per night to […]

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Anterior Knee Pain | 4th Year Physiotherapy Student Ross

What is anterior knee pain? Anterior knee pain or also known as patellofemoral joint pain is a common issue that affects roughly 25% of people throughout their lives. Also referred to as “runner’s knee” or “jumper’s knee”. It is common in people who participate in sports. Patellofemoral pain syndrome can occur in non-athletes as well. […]

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