Kicking Off Pain Week 2019

National Pain Week 2019

Did you miss our injury prevention and management workshop? Physiotherapist Tom Anderson is based in our Swan Hill practice and has a keen interest in injury management and prevention. Keep an eye out for his live video this week! #PainWeek2019

5 Key Points to Consider During Rehab

  1. Pain is usually not related to tissue damage
  2. Pain is our body’s perception that we may be in danger, but this may not always be accurate
  3. Pain is complex and consists well beyond when healing has occurred
  4. Education and a gradual return to activity is the greatest liberation of pain
  5. Beliefs regarding your ability to get better are strongly linked to prognosis, in other words, you are not likely to get better if you don’t believe you can
    Remember You’re not alone. The Chronic Pain Australia online forum provides a safe & supportive place for those living with chronic pain, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To learn more, visit: Chronic Pain Australia Forum
National Pain Week 2019
National Pain Week 2019