Programs & Classes

Programs & Classes 

Healthy Mates Conditioning Program

A 30-minute High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) session, followed by a contrast recovery session in our spa and cold pool. The program involves 6 stations of varying cardio and strength -based exercises, modified for each individual by our fitness and allied health staff.  The program is appropriate for people of all ages, fitness levels, gender or weight, and provides similar health benefits as a lengthy endurance workout. Bring your friends, family and work colleagues to keep your health and fitness pursuits fun and enjoyable!


Our state-of the art facility includes a spa (38 degrees), cold pool (12 degrees), and a sauna. These facilities can be used to perform “contrast therapy” – the process of cycling between warm and cold water immersion. Contrast therapy increases the efficiency of the body’s natural recovery processes, helping to remove the by-products produced by high intensity exercise.  Many elite sporting groups use contrast therapy to recover from the rigorous demands of their sport due to these benefits.

Pilates Classes

Our floor-based Pilates is a safe, low-impact exercise class offering a range of benefits. Pilates can help to prevent or rehabilitate injury, and perfectly compliments other forms of exercise!

Pre and Post Natal Hydrotherapy Classes

Prenatal hydrotherapy can be commenced after week 13 of gestation. It is shown to be a fantastic way of treating and preventing lower back issues, sore hips, knees and ankles and is an excellent source of relaxation and stress relief!  Prenatal hydrotherapy is a safe way for women to continue exercising throughout their pregnancy. The hydrostatic pressure of the heated pool is particularly beneficial for prenatal women as it can improve swelling.

Postnatal hydrotherapy is a specifically designed class to strengthen and tone muscles, improve posture and gain some early general fitness. It can be commenced following your 6 weeks obstetrics review.  Like prenatal hydrotherapy, it is a fantastic source of pain relief and relaxation.

For available days and times, please contact our friendly staff who will ensure you are placed in a class to discover the real benefits associated with pre/postnatal hydrotherapy.

Water Aerobics Classes

A safe & gentle form of resistance training, suitable for all ages and fitness levels. Benefits include improved endurance, flexibility, and balance. This is a program that anyone and everyone can participate in! There are no gender, age, or weight restrictions.

Water aerobics is a low impact form of exercise, reducing the amount of stress on the muscles and joints whilst still benefiting from increased cardiac output. It’s great for those who are return to exercise following an injury, illness or period of inactivity, and provides gentle progression to resuming land based exercise.

No referral is needed to join in the fun!